Erickson Farmstead “The Office” Style Wedding

Erickson Farmstead “The Office” Style Wedding

Ali and Kaleb chose the gorgeous Erickson Farmstead in Isanti, Minnesota for their wedding. The outdoor, farm setting was perfect for capturing their fun spirit. Best of all, they decided to go with a “The Office” style wedding video, which of course, you can never have enough of (That’s what she said!).

Here’s a quick teaser!

Below, you will find out why they went this route. Enjoy!

Why did you choose Erickson Farmstead for your venue?

We went to a few different venues before we found Erickson Farmstead. Most of what we looked at were barns, but that wasn’t something that was important to us. All of them were so far away and just didn’t feel right. Kaleb’s mom had gone to a wedding there before. She told us to check it out and just see what we think. We pulled into the parking lot, and everything felt right at home. We went and toured, and the owner was so kind and really built a relationship with us, even before we booked with them. there were so many small details about the farm, that made it feel cozy and welcoming.

Farm Wedding venue. Aerial drone view of Erickson Farmstead venue event in Isaniti, MN.
Erickson Farmstead – Isanti, MN Wedding Venue

Why did you choose Kings Films for your wedding video:

I initially heard about Kings Films off of Instagram. When we started talking about what we wanted, Ariel seemed to be very personable and kind. He told us a little bit about him and his life and it fit with what we were looking for so perfectly. We really had a strong connection with him.

Why do you want to capture your wedding video?

I want to capture a wedding video so that we can have those moments on film forever. Having video and pictures of big moments like this is super important for us. We can’t wait to relive this day over and over.

About Ali and Kaleb:

We love rescuing animals. We currently have three dogs and a cat. We spend most of our days playing with them. Otherwise, we play a lot of boardgames and card games. We love to spend time with her friends and family, as well as each other. It’s important for us to have weekly date nights, whether it’s at home or we go out somewhere.

How was the proposal?? Don’t spare any gushy details!!

His sister-in-law is a photographer, and he knew that I wanted pictures of the proposal. I got my nails done with a couple of friends a few weeks prior and he asked some questions about them that he never has done before. I knew something was up because he had booked taking pictures with his sister-in-law, and was acting weird about my nails. I went and changed the color of my nails to be more subtle just in case something happened. We went to this nature area called Hidden Falls. Honestly, the Falls weren’t that great. We kept walking around and hiking on the trails. We got to a bluff that overlooked the Mississippi river. He asked his sister if we could take a picture, not facing each other. That’s when I knew he was going to propose. his sister-in-law told me to turn around and he was on one knee. He said “will you marry me” and I said “yes”.

What experience do you want for your guests?

We want to get to experience a laid-back, relax, and fun time. We want parents to forget about their responsibilities and act like kids, and we want the kids to be the life of the party. We are celebrating a huge milestone in our life and we wanna make sure it’s the best party ever.

If you want us to capture your wedding, and immortalize the memories forever, contact us here!

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Erickson Farmstead “The Office” Style Wedding

Erickson Farmstead “The Office” Style Wedding

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