The Groom’s Guide To Wedding Planning

The Groom’s Guide To Wedding Planning

Alright, guys, listen up! (And ladies, you can forward this to your man ?) Gone are the days when weddings were all about the bride and her mom going bonkers with planning. We’re in the 21st century now, and it’s a whole new ballgame. Couples are shelling out their own money, families are splitting the bill, and winter weddings are giving the rule book a swift kick out the window.

Now, if you’re the groom and the thought of diving into a world of cakes, flowers, and colour swatches makes you break out in a cold sweat, fear not! There’s still a bunch of stuff you can dive into without losing your sanity.

Enter our Groom’s Guide to Wedding Planning – your secret weapon in this adventure. We’ve got a handy timeline so you won’t miss a beat and can make sure your big day is nothing short of legendary. Let’s do this, fellas!

12- 18 Months Before The Wedding

Book Your Photographer and Videographer

Minneapolis Wedding Videographer filming an outdoor wedding
Minneapolis Wedding Videographer filming an outdoor wedding. Photo by Iveth Muniz

Google “Top Wedding Regrets” right now and you’ll see “Not hiring a videographer” right at the top of the list. You won’t be that guy ? and your bride will love you for it. In the age of all things digital, it’s still important to have memories of the big day. So, don’t go cheap on this one. Splash out on the best videographer you can afford and lock them in way ahead of time.

With all sorts of styles to pick from it can be a bit of a videography/photography minefield but spend some time researching various options, looking through their websites, social media and portfolios and see if there’s anything that calls to you. Next, narrow it down to a few who come in on budget and who’s style you like and book onto some consultations, either on Zoom or even better in person. To book a free wedding film consultation with us, click here! ?

If you’re tying the knot in the middle of wedding season (especially on a weekend), play it safe and book that videographer and photographer at least 18 months before the wedding, some of the most on-demand videographers can get booked up even 2 years in advance so be safe and start to research available options as soon as you’ve got your wedding date locked in.

12 Months Before The Wedding 

Book The Transport 

Is your wedding style leaning towards a horse-drawn carriage or a sleek stretch limo? Perhaps a Bentley exudes the right charm, or you’re drawn to the timeless allure of a classic Cadillac. Your choice of transport is more than just a logistical move; it’s a chance to make a lasting impression. Therefore, when delving into the choices of wedding transport, opt for one that perfectly mirrors the style of your big day and also meets your transport needs, whether it’s just for you as a couple or you are putting on transport for your guests too.

Specialized rental companies boast an array of options, spanning from vintage classics to the latest models and plenty of options for guest transport too. Keep in mind that your chosen wedding car will be a star in numerous photos, so choose wisely to ensure it complements the overall aesthetic.

Book The Entertainment

You’d be surprised how far in advance great bands and entertainment options get booked up. If there’s a specific DJ, musician, or band you’ve got your heart set on, make your move at least nine to twelve months before the big day. For those open to DJ companies, a solid six months in advance should suffice.

And here’s a pro-tip: don’t shy away from sharing your musical preferences. Let your DJ or band know what you’re vibing to, ensuring their set is tailor-made for your crowd. Because let’s be real, no one wants a deserted dance floor at their wedding bash!

6-8 Months of before The Wedding 

Book The Honeymoon

You may wish to plan a honeymoon with your partner but equally this is an opportunity to infuse romance by taking the reigns and organizing a surprise destination, making it a journey to remember. It’s important to realize that this isn’t your run-of-the-mill vacation, so no room for last-minute antics. This calls for serious research and meticulous planning, from choosing the ideal destination to sorting out accommodation and activities. To find out how you can save on airfare, check out my 2 minute video on YouTube

Whether your hearts set on a romantic rendezvous in Paris, a relaxing cruise, exotic and all inclusive or the bright lights and excitement of a city break, the key is to PLAN AHEAD. That’s your secret weapon in crafting the perfect getaway. As you immerse yourself in the travel admin, don’t forget to cross the T’s and dot the I’s and double-check both your passports. Because nothing should stand in the way of your extraordinary honeymoon!

4-6 Months Before The Wedding

Sort The Suits

Whether you’re opting for a rental, off-the-rack purchase, or indulging in the luxury of bespoke tailoring (because let’s be real, your wedding day is the ultimate excuse to go all out for a suit that fits like a dream), it’s high time to lock in those crucial appointments. Keep in mind you may need a number of appointments for wedding parties, early birds catch the perfection worm, so we strongly advise getting in as soon as possible. That way, every suit can be fine-tuned well in advance of the grand celebration.

6-8 Weeks Before The Wedding

Buy the Gifts

white petaled flower in clear glass flower vase on table
Photo by Natasha Fernandez

Expressing gratitude for the support of your wedding party, including groomsmen and bridesmaids, is a thoughtful gesture. Speak with your partner to organize a meaningful gift – it could be a joint effort. And, of course, don’t overlook your best man, especially if he’s gone the extra mile in orchestrating your bachelor party – he deserves a little something extra special for his exceptional efforts.

Whilst we are talking of gifts it’s also a nice idea to start to think about whether you’d like to gift your partner something on the wedding day, whether it’s a piece of jewelry, some shoes, an addition to their outfit or a heartfelt letter – but, whatever you do, don’t leave it too late to start looking, last minute panic buying is a stress you don’t need just before the wedding. 

1-2 Weeks Before The Wedding

Write Your Speech

Guess what? This is easy! ?

No need to match the best man’s wit or hit the emotional notes like the father of the bride. Your job is simple: give thanks to the bridesmaids and groomsmen, let the in-laws know you’re pleased to be marrying into their family, and share a few genuine words about your better half.

Think about your message, jot down some quick bullet points, and here’s a tip – don’t read word-for-word from a typed script. It kills the vibe.

Get your hair cut

Don’t leave it to the day before the wedding. You’ll have plenty to do, plus, it’s best to give your hair a little time to settle down. 

Write your vows

This one is a common stress point for grooms, and we’ve seen way too many leaving it right up to the last minute. But here’s the deal: resist the temptation to procrastinate. The more time and thought you put into it, the more personal and heartfelt it’ll come across.

But don’t worry too much, at Kings Films we’re romantics… we offer help in writing your vows too! Whether you need help with every word, or just a different, impartial eye to review your love letter, we have tons of experience using them in film and would be happy to help you craft the perfect words. Don’t hesitate to ask! 

So there you have it! Remember being a groom is more than just showing up in a slick suit. It’s about getting hands-on, enjoying the ride with your partner, and soaking in the excitement leading up to that “I do” moment. Whether you’re picking out a killer suit, surprising your crew with cool gifts, or putting together a heartfelt speech, this guide’s got your back. 

Now just get ready for a wedding day packed with love, laughs, and your own personal flair – may it be as awesome as the journey that brought you to this point!

If you want to know how we can document you year and a half worth of work, schedule a chat here!

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The Groom’s Guide To Wedding Planning

The Groom’s Guide To Wedding Planning

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